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Do longer naps = longer wakeful windows?

This is an interesting one.


There is a scale of wakeful windows for each age e.g. 6-8 months = 1.5-3 hrs wakeful window.

If at 6 months your getting long naps then you might be able to go to the higher end of the wakeful window scale for their age.

But, sleep breads sleep, so if your little one is having long naps and is well rested you might find that actually their wakeful window stays at the lower end of the scale for their age.

Be guided by their sleepy signs as to what is right for them.

This is why the first wakeful window for the morning nap tends to be shorter, because they've just had a chunk of sleep (hopefully!) and they're feeling well rested. So the first nap is soon after waking and often the easiest nap of the day. And for the same reason but the opposite way round - this is why the third afternoon nap is tricky and tends to be a motion nap.

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