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7 months old & waking at 5am

Early waking is such a common problem and one I get asked about at all ages. There are a few main causes to look at first.

Are they getting enough daytime sleep? Early waking is often caused by overtiredness. So we need to make sure they're getting enough sleep & that their wakeful windows (the amount of time they're awake between naps) isn't too long.

Overtiredness can cause a build up of cortisol (the wakeful hormone) which can contribute to early waking.

If your baby is getting the right amount of night time sleep for their age then it might be that their routine just needs to be shifted later because their sleep is happpening at the wrong time.

If you aren't sure how much daytime or night time sleep your little ones there is a free guide that you can download here.

Or you can find more detailed advice on Early Waking in my workshop that is packed full of tips how to stop those 5am starts.

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