Frequently asked questions

Do you use cry it?

No, I would never suggest using any methods that I either haven’t used or wouldn’t use with my own children.

When we first make changes to your baby’s routine they may not like those changes and there might be some tears. But I would always encourage you to respond to them. There are lots of gentle methods that we can use to limit and manage any crying.

If I get help now will the sleep problems come back later?

No, if you continue to use the methods in your plan consistently.

Of course there will be times that your little one needs more reassurance, if they’re teething or poorly. But remember to return to your normal routine when this has passed. It might take a night or 2 to re-establish but if you had a good routine before then your little one will quickly fall back into this when you return to your usual routine.

Would it work if my baby goes into childcare and I can’t control everything they do with their sleep?

Definitely! I’ve found that nursery’s and childminders are mostly very open to following a routine if you ask them to.

Also all of my sleep plans are bespoke to your family circumstances. So if there are nursery days (when naps are almost always different to at home) then I would include a backup or strategy for those days as part of your plan.

How long will it take before a sleep plan works?

To fully achieve your sleep goal the time can vary and depend on your starting point. For example, if you are currently feeding to sleep and co-sleeping but you want to wean away from this and for your little one to be self-settling and sleeping in their cot this would take longer than if your starting point is rocking your baby to sleep. Both can be achieved with gentle methods over a period of time.

You might have 3-4 tricky nights at the start of your plan but if you are consistent then you should start to see a much calmer and settled routine within 2 weeks.

Consistency is the key.

Is it possible to offer a payment plan?

Yes, I have the option to pay via @laybuy when you purchase a plan on my website.

This is interest free and payment is spread over 6 weeks.

Should I try and sleep train my baby with reflux?

I wouldn’t recommend this.

This is the reason that I offer reflux and sleep support.

Once we have addressed the underlying cause of reflux and your baby is feeling more comfortable then sleep often settles naturally.